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  1. The Shoshani Riddle

    The Shoshani Riddle

    Israel 2024 | 88’ | Feature documentary - New Release

    Filming countries: France, USA, Uruguay, Italy, Israel, Switzerland
    Written & Directed by: Michael Grynszpan
    Produced by: Michael Grynspan, New Vision Productions
    Cinematography: Philippe Bellaiche
    Editing: Roy Ben Ami
    Animation: David Walz
    Cast: Elie Wiesel, Adin Steinsaltz, Serge Klarsfeld
    Sound Design: Michael Goorevich
    Music: Daniel Markovitch
    Supported by: Kan 11, The Second Israeli Authority for Television & Radio, Gesher Film Foundation - Avi Chai Foundation, The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Matanel Foundation
    Languages: Hebrew, English, French, with English subtitles

    The Wanderer Who Knew it All.
    He was one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived; a teacher, a scholar, a mathematician - he had a brilliant mind…and yet he slept on a park bench, had no real home, travelled the world, looked like a bum and ate like a slob. No one knows his real name; he is only known as Mr. Shoshani. Mr. Shoshani is one of the unsolved riddles and one of the ten most mysterious men ever.

    DVD to be released
  2. We Are Pentothal

    We Are Pentothal

    Israel 2023 | 2x52` | 2part documentary - New Release

    Written and directed by: Tsipi Karlik
    Produced by: Itay Nevo
    Supported by: KAAN Broadcasting
    Language: Hebrew with English Subtitles

    2 part documentary series that brings the audience inside one of the most sensitive and disturbing episodes surrounding Yom Kippur War )1973(. This year (2023), exactly 50 years after, this documentary is of high relevance.

    DVD to be released
  3. 5th Paragraph - Invalids

    5th Paragraph - Invalids

    Israel 2023 | 52` | Mid-length documentary - New Release

    Produced by: Zvi Sheffy Productions
    Directed by: Boris Maftsir
    Editing: Lilia Tzvokbenkel
    Stills photography: Ron Katzenelson
    Music: Avi Benjamin
    Colorist and online Editor: Aharon Peer, R.G.B Post Productions
    Sound design: Eva Spitkovski
    Supported by: The New Fund for Cinema and TV, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Mifal Pais
    Language: Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles

    In the Soviet Union in 1990/1991, the 5th Paragraph referred to a long-standing discrimination faced by Soviet Jews, who were denied access to higher education and certain jobs due to suspicions of dual loyalty.

    DVD to be released
  4. Mischmasch


    Sweden 2023 |30` | Short Documentary - New Release

    Written and directed by: Uta Arning
    Produced by: Uta Arning

    A Yiddish Proverb says: "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”
    “Mischmasch” tells the story of a Yiddish Amateur Theatre Group in Stockholm performing Strindberg`s “A Dream Play” in Yiddish.

    DVD to be released
  5. Gazozz


    Israel 2023 | 88` | Feature film - New Release

    Produced by: Tommy Lang
    Directed by: Tommy Lang
    Cinematography: Tomer Slutzky, Omer Manor
    Editing: Dor Yovel
    Sound design: Ori Lang
    Music: Asaf Finkelstein
    Sound recording: Vadim Yegman
    Stills: Danny Kitri
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A story of one date over the course of one evening in the streets of Tel Aviv. . A simple and extremely touching minimalistic film in cinema verité style.

    DVD to be released
  6. Moving On

    Moving On

    Israel 2022, 72 min, Feature Documentary

    Written & Directed by: Maya Mcmanus Ronen
    Produced by: Maya Mcmanus Ronen
    Cinematography: Shai Mizrahi
    Editing: Maya Mcmanus Ronen
    Sound: Niv Groner, Yonatan Shalev
    Original Music: Mordi Corcos
    Graphics: Lia Keren
    Coloring: Peleg Levi
    Supported by: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund – The Arava Film Fund
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    In a remote desert area of Israel, every couple of years everybody switches houses. Nobody knows in advance to where he will move. A unique community is getting into a personal and shaking journey, where packing the house and renovating is arousing a questioning about existential aspects of life.
    DVD - For Home Use Only :

    Out of stock

  7. Jews of the Wild West

    Jews of the Wild West

    US 2022, 2023 International release | 82’ | Feature documentary

    Produced by: Amanda Kinsey, Electric Yolk Productions
    Directed by: Amanda Kinsey
    Editing: Molly Paul
    Cinematography: Joe Friedman, Bill Stengel, Domingo Lamarre, Dan Anderson, Corey Leavitt, James Chance, Dan Edblom
    Sound: Kwan Ki Chau, Corey Leavitt
    Colorist: Daniel Goldberg
    Supported by: Colorado Forum Fund, Rosalind P Walter Foundation, Rose Community Foundation, Heitler Fund
    Language: Original English version

    Widening the historical lens, this documentary focuses on an under-explored aspect of Jewish history: the role that Jews played in Western American expansion, both in real life and in the movies.

    DVD to be released
  8. Lost Lines, Last Traces

    Lost Lines, Last Traces

    Germany 2022 |2x52` | 2part documentary

    Written and directed by: Martin Gressmann
    Produced by: Martin Gressmann
    Language: German with English Subtitles, French and Spanish version available (2023)

    More than seven decades later, director Martin Gressmann ("Das Gelände- The Grounds 2014“) follows the main routes of the death marches through Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where  some 200 memorial plaques now stand.

    DVD to be released
  9. Conquering Time – Ágnes Keleti

    Conquering Time – Ágnes Keleti

    Hungary, Israel 2022 | 78 min, | Feature Documentary

    Written and directed by: Katalin Oláh
    Produced by: Makabor Studio
    Co-produced by: Noemi Schory
    Editing: Kata Oláh
    Cinematography: Csukás Sándor
    Animation: Egely Hatalin
    Music: Boaz Schory
    Language: Hungarian, Hebrew with English Subtitles

    A touching portrait of the life of Ágnes Keleti, the oldest living Olympic Champion, shown for the first time on screen.
    Inspiring sporting legend who defeated both her rivals and the existential threats to a Jew living through the turmoil of the 20th century.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

    Out of stock

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