Politics and Conflict

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  1. The Syrian Patient

    The Syrian Patient

    Israel 2017, 57 min, Documentary - New Release

    Written & Directed by: Rachel Schwartz
    Produced by: Gal Productions
    Supported by: Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Rabinovich Foundation, Gesher Foundation, The Other Israel Foundation
    Editing: Yael Perlov
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles

    A zoom-in into the horrible war taking place in Syria through the story of Syrian wounded whose lives are being saved by doctors in Israel.

    DVD Release Date: 01 March 2018
  2. Sterile Zone

    Sterile Zone

    Doc, , 59 min, 2017, - New Release

    Writen & Directed by: Gil Mezuman
    Produced by: Yehuda Biton

    Those closest to the prime minister are his bodyguards. They are with him 24/7, even more than his wife and family. They are with him in difficult times, in the most dramatic times an Israeli prime minister has experienced, and have been exposed to some of the most protected state secrets, including those of the prime minister himself. While usually in the background, in this film they are brought to the forefront.

    DVD Release Date: 01 October 2017
  3. Teaching Ignorance

    Teaching Ignorance

    Doc, 52 min, 2015

    Written and Directed by: Tamara Erde
    Produced by: Julien Loron – Saya
    Supported by: France3 via Stella, BBC Arabic, CNC, Procirep, Brut die welt fund Germany
    Language: Arabic & Hebrew with English subtitles

    This powerful film follows several Israeli and Palestinian teachers over the course of an academic year in an examination of how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is taught.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  4. God's Messengers

    God's Messengers

    Doc, 76 min, 2015

    Written and Directed by: Itzik Lerner
    Produced by: Itzik Lerner-Pekada Films
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A first-time, powerful inside look at the group of Jewish settlers who inhabit the illegal outpost of Havat Gilad in the West Bank.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  5. Jerusalem Boxing Club

    Jerusalem Boxing Club

    Doc, 71 min, 2015

    Written and Directed by: Helen Yanovsky
    Produced by: Helen Yanovsky, Shalom Goodman, Nizan Ophir - Rail Road Films
    Sponsored by: Rabinovich Film Fund - Cinema Project, Channel 8, Alex Bernstein Grant, The Aliza Shagrir Prize, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
    Language: Hebrew, Arabic and Russian with English subtitles

    Operating out of a bomb shelter in south Jerusalem, this boxing club is a microcosm of trouble and hope.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  6. Apollonia


    Doc 64 min, 2014

    Written and Directed by: Ofir Trainin
    Produced by: Micha Shagrir & Tal Barda
    Sponsored by: IBA - Israel Channel One
    Language: Hebrew, Russian, Polish with English subtitles

    Spy or double agent? This story of one man is also the story of the Cold War and how it continues to affect us to this day.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  7. The Martyrdom The Seven Monks of Tibhirine

    The Martyrdom The Seven Monks of Tibhirine

    Doc, 73 min, 2013

    Written and Directed by: Malik Aït-Aoudia & Séverine Labat
    Produced by: Khaled Senoussi - Peacock Films
    Sponsored by: TV3 France
    Language: French with English subtitles

    The 1996 kidnapping and murder of seven Catholic monks in Algeria is not only a tragic story, but also serves as a sad prediction of things to come.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :


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  9. Soldier on the Roof

    Soldier on the Roof

    Doc, 50 & 80 min, 2012

    Written & Directed by: Esther Hertog
    Produced by: Harry de Winter, Gijs van de Westelaken
    Executive Producer: Erica Reijmerink, Sarphati Media
    Creative Producer: Paul King
    Sponsored by: VPRO, The Netherlands
    Language: Hebrew and English with English Subtitles

    The real and surreal daily life of 800 Jewish settlers who live among 120,000 Palestinians in Hebron.

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