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  2. Wandering Eyes

    Wandering Eyes

    doc, 55 min, 2010

    Directed by: Ofir Trainin
    Produced by: Shahar Ben-Hur
    Sponsored by: Keshet Channel 2 Israel & the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television

     The musical and soul-searching journey of a musician, who is also a former orthodox Jew, and who was recently diagnosed with manic depression

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  3. Writing as I Should

    Writing as I Should

    doc, 48 min, Digibeta, Color, 2010

    Shooting Director: Lena Chaplin
    Editing Director: Pony Brzezinski
    Editing: Benjamin Freidenberg
    Sponsored by: Channel 8-Israel
    language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A patchwork of interviews with acclaimed late author and critic Batya Gur. An intimate a beautiful tribute to a unique literary voice.



  4. Nikita Kino

    Nikita Kino

    Doc, 40 min, 16mm, Color, 2008

    Directed by: Vivian Ostrovsky
    Produced by: Vivian Ostrovsky
    Languages: English version, French version

    Reflections of 1970s Soviet Russia through material gathered by filmmaker Vivian Ostrovsky during a series of expeditions in and around Moscow with her Brazilian family - mixed with Soviet-era found footage.

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  5. Ida's Dance Club

    Ida's Dance Club

    Doc, 59 Min, 2009, Color

    Written and Directed by: Dalit Kimor
    Produced by: Yael Shavit & Dalit Kimor – Anu Banu Productions
    Language: Hebrew, Russian & English with English or French Subtitles

    A ballroom dancing competition where all the competitors are way past retirement age - but that doesn’t stop them from dancing and singing, falling in love and being disappointed.

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  6. Amos Oz

    Amos Oz

    Doc, 52 min, 2008, Color

    Written & Directed by: Stelios Charalampopoulos
    Produced by: ERT-Greece
    Co Produced by: Thanos Lampropoulos - Periplus Productions

    An engaging and intimate portrait of the acclaimed Israeli iconoclastic and internationally celebrated author.

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  7. Eye Witness

    Eye Witness

    Doc, 50 min, 2008

    Written & Directed by: Micha Shagrir
    Produced by: Shiba Communications
    Sponsored by: Avi-Chai Foundation & The Turner Charitable Trust

    Documenting famous leaders and witnessing the dramatic events that occurred in Israel over the past 60 years, photographer David Rubinger is indeed an eye witness to history.

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  8. Go in Peace, Rain!

    Go in Peace, Rain!

    Doc, 84 min, , 2007, Digibeta, Color

    Written, Directed & Produced by: Rehuven Hecker
    Sponsored by: Israel's 8 th Channel and The New Foundation for Cinema & Television
    Language: French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Ladino, Hebrew and English with English subtitles / French subtitles


    The metamorphosis of one Jewish melody, an ancient prayer. We follow its many incarnations – and finally to the dramatic point where we learn of its connection to the national anthem of the State of Israel.

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  9. I'm a Civil War - The Life of Chaim Gouri

    I'm a Civil War - The Life of Chaim Gouri

    Doc, 45 min, 2008

    Written, Directed & Edited by: Omri Lior
    Produced by: Linda Newman – Docunet Ltd.
    Literature Consultant: Ilana Shahaf

    The life and work of Israel Prize winner Chaim Gouri as a reflection of the history of the State of Israel. A cross section of Gouri's 84 years pinpointing significant historical developments in Israeli poetry, alongside the development of the State of Israel.

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