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  2. Who Shot My Father?

    Who Shot My Father?

    Doc, 71 min, 2011

    Written & Directed by: Liora Amir Barmatz
    Produced by: Zvia Weizman, Aviva Stern
    Sponsored by: IBA TV Channel 1, Israel
    Languages: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

    Israeli Air Force Attaché Colonel Joe Alon was assassinated near his Washington D.C. home in 1973. 38 years later, the case remains unsolved. 

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  3. Palestine in the South

    Palestine in the South

    Doc, 52 min, 2011

    Produced and Directed by: Ana María Hurtado
    Written by: Ana María Hurtado & Daniel Osorio
    Language: Spanish and Arabic with English subtitles

    A journey repeats itself as the distant republic of Chile welcomes a group of Palestinian refugees to a small town where hundreds of Palestinians had already arrived a century ago, making this their new home as well.

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  4. The Escape (Ha'bricha)

    The Escape (Ha'bricha)

    Doc, 74 min, 2013

    Directed by: Meni Elias
    Produced by: Micha Shagrir and Tal Barda
    Sponsored by: Claims Conference, the Jewish agency for Israel, Yaakov Kotlitzky, Mifal Hapayis
    Language: Hebrew, , German, Italian and English with English subtitles

    A road movie in which ten Israeli teenagers from different backgrounds set out on a personal and fascinating adventure which follows the original “Bricha Movement".

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  5. Lea and Daria

    Lea and Daria

    Fic, 97 min, 2011

    Directed by: Branko Ivanda
    Produced by: Lidija Ivanda
    Written by: Branko Ivanda & Drago Kekanovic
    Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Center City of Zagreb-Office for Education, Culture and Sports


    An  inspiring true story about two thirteen-year-old girls who on the eve of World War II, were great dancing and acting stars in Zagreb.
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  6. Longing


    Doc, 60 min, 2011

    Written and Directed by: Effi Banay
    Produced by: Yehuda Bitton - Y. Bitton Productions
    Sponsored by: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, The Gesher Foundation & The Second Authority for Television & Radio, Zochrot Organization
    Language: Hebrew, Farsi & Arabic with English subtitles

    The journey of a man into the depths of his past and into the roots of his yearning for a place which was and is no more.

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  7. The Flat

    The Flat

    Doc, 97 min, 2011

    Written and Directed by: Arnon Goldfinger
    Produced by: Arnon Goldfinger & Thomas Kufus, zero one film
    Sponsored by: The New Israeli Fund for Cinema & TV, FilmForderAnstalt, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Deutscher FilmForderFond With ARTE, ZDF, SWR, Noga Communications/ Channel 8 Israel
    Language: Hebrew, German and English with English subtitles

    What begins with the emptying out of a flat develops into a riveting adventure, involving unexpected national interests, a friendship that crosses enemy lines, and deeply repressed family emotions.

    DVD Release Date: 01 January 2018
  8. Here I Learned to Love

    Here I Learned to Love

    Doc, 53 min/60 min, miniDV, Color, 2011

    Written, Produced and Directed by: Avi Angel
    Based on the book by: Izhak Wienberg
    Languages: Hebrew & Polish with English/Spanish/French /German subtitles

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  9. God and Me

    God and Me

    Doc, 52 min, miniDV, 2011

    Directed by: Nati Adler
    Produced by: Hai Kaana and Nati Adler
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    After experiencing a medical event that almost led to his death, the director, Nati Adler goes back in time – to the night he met God.

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