• My Beloved Uncles

    A documentary by Eran Barak

    A poetic search for truth that inspires questions of identity, fate, dreams and hopes.

  • The Jerusalem Dream

    A documentary by Meni Elias

    The improbable journey Ethiopian Jews undertook in order to reach their Jerusalem dream

  • Brundibar Revisited

    A documentary by Douglas Wolfsperger

    German teenagers and a Holocaust survivor get to know one another through theater.

  • The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem

    Short films from Israel’s leading film school

  • Teaching Ignorance

    A documentary by Tamara Erde

    An examination of the way in which history is taught on either side of the conflict.

  • A Woman’s Story

    A documentary by Azra Rashid

    Women’s experiences of genocide in the 20th century

  • Tel Aviv Live

    A documentary by Nellu Cohn

    The city that never sleeps…!

  • The Nobelists

    By filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks

    A five chapter series about the Israeli Nobel Prize winners

  • Bring the Jews Home

    A documentary by Eefje Blankevoort and Arnold van Bruggen

    A mission to return all the Jews to their homeland in an effort to speed up the return of the Messiah

  • The Way of Man – a Film about Martin Buber

    A documentary by Yaakov Lifshin and Aharon Lipetz

    A look at the great Jewish philosopher and his continuing influence on society today.




October News

The Fading Valley and Teaching Ignorance have been licensed by Turkish TV. First transmission: December, 2016

 Haymatloz - Exile in Turkey will be taking part in the 40th International Sao Paolo Film Festival

Measures of Merit will have its international premiere at the Religion Today Film Festival in Italy, with subject Ruth Colian present

The first Golden Tree Documentary Film Festival is screening The Unwelcoming later this month in Germany

The Bride of the Nile has been selected for the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco which takes place later this month

Two of our films, BRIDE OF THE NILE and Teaching Ignorance are screening at The International Festival of Ethnological Film in Belgrade

The Jewish International Film Festival in Australia will be joining many other festivals as they screen Peter the 3rd

September News

We are delighted to announce that My Home by Igal Hecht won Best Documentary at the Mosaic World Film Festival ended last week in the US

The Bride of the Nile is screening at the Sole Lune Film Festival in Treviso Italy

Jerusalem Boxing Club is screening in Paris at the cinéma le Lucernaire as part of a program put on by IMPACT

Filmmaker Nellu Cohn will be attending the premiere of his documentary Tel-Aviv Live in the presence of the mayor of Tel Aviv - Yaffo and other participants from the film

Filmmaker Helen Yanovsky will be a guest of ESRA for the screening of her film Jerusalem Boxing Club

David by Joel Fendelman will be screening in Westchester County NY

Turky's Public TV just licensed The Fading Valley by Irit Gal. First transmission: November, 2016

August News

We are very sad to share news of the death of Andre Hajdu - the great composer and musician, and subject of The Hungarian Cube by Gilad Inbar

Jerusalem Boxing Club will be screening at the Hamptons Film Series this month

The Berkshires Jewish Film Festival is screening Brundibar Revisited

The Holocaust Centre in Australia is screening the award-winning The Flat later this month

July news

We are honored to have a part in the special screening of the restored version of Avanti Popolo, produced by Micha Shagrir, at the upcoming Jerusalem Film Festival

Teaching Ignorance was just licensed by Swiss TV. First transmission: September, 2016

We are proud to have just added two carefully-selected new documentaries to our catalogue: Tel-Aviv Live and Bring the Jews Home

The Mute's House by Tamar Kay is screening at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

The Euganea Film Festival in Italy is screening Teaching Ignorance and Jerusalem Boxing Club later this month

My Beloved Uncles won the Audience Award at the Berlin Jewish Film Festival

IBA Channel One will be broadcasting Brundibar Revisited this month

My Herzl is screening in at the AJA in Ottawa

June News

Producer Tuvi Arbel was present to receive the Grand Prize at the Warsaw Jewish Motifs Film Festival with his film The Kozalchik Affair

Teaching Ignorance was licensed for broadcast on Swedish TV. First transmission: September, 2016

The of Euganea Film Festival in Italy is screening Teaching Ignorance and Jerusalem Boxing Club later this month

After the Mist will be screening at the Shanghai TV Festival, with filmmaker Luis Ortas as a guest of the festival

The Jerusalem Dream by Meni Elias had an emotional premiere at the recent DocAviv Film Festival

The Sole Luna International Film Festival in Palermo is screening two of our films, Bride of the Nile and The Jerusalem Dream

We are delighted to be taking part in the second annual Moscow Jewish Film Festival where our films Jerusalem Boxing Club, The Kozalchik Affair, Brundibar Revisited and Village of Peace are all screening

Filmmakers Igal Hecht and Eran Barak will be guests at the Berlin Jewish Film Festival with their films My Home and My Beloved Uncles

The Berlin Jewish Film Festival will host a special tribute to the late Ronit Elkabetz with a screening of Stranger in Paris from the Culture Heroes series

Our office has moved to its new location in the German Colony in Jerusalem – feel free to stop by and visit!

Peter the 3rd is screening at the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival this month

May News

After the Mist, by Luis Ortas will be broadcast on IBA Channel One on Yom HaShoah eve, May 4th at 10:20PM

Ukrainian TV Espresso TV has just licensed The Guardians of Remembrance by Boris Maftsir, to be transmitted later on this month

The North American premiere of My Beloved Uncles will take place this month at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, where Einstein in the Holyland is also screening

Filmmakers Noa Ben Hagai and Tuvi Arbel will be guests of the Jewish Motifs Film Festival in Warsaw this month where their films, Einstein in the Holyland and The Kozalchik Affair are screening

Sole Luna Film Festival in Italy will be hosting the Italian premiere of Bride of the Nile

Ethnocineca in Vienna is screening Gezoindelach, with filmmaker Efrat Berger present

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival is holding a very special tribute event in honor of Ronit Elkabetz. The Nir Bergman film, part of the Culture Heroes series will be the showcase of that program.

The Flat is embarking on a multi-city theatrical run in Hungary. The theatrical premiere is taking place at the Kino Cinema in Budapest

The Detroit Jewish Film Festival will screen The Polgar Variant by Yossi Aviram

In honor of Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, filmmaker Boris Maftsir ( The Guardians of Remembrance ) will be screening the next chapter in his expansive project about the Holocaust in the former Soviet Union – at the Jerusalem Cinematheque

The Chicago premiere of Brundibar Revisited is being held at the Spertus Museum this month

April News

We are proud to have just added three carefully-selected new documentaries to our catalogue: My Home, The Jerusalem Dream and A Story in Third Person. Also, we  recently added the feature comedy film Peter the 3rd by Tommy Lang

God's Messangers has just been licensed by Slovenian TV. First transmission: June, 2016

Cinema Zero in Italy is screening Teaching Ignorance

God's Messangers is screening at the upcoming Middle East Now Film Festival in Italy

Filmmaker Helen Yanovsky will be a guest of the World Film Festival in Estonia with her film Jerusalem Boxing Club

The Kozalchik Affair is taking part in the Kolnoah Film Festival in Paris

University of Pennsylvania recently purchased close to 20 of our films, amongst: Bride of the Nile, Brundibar Revisited, Gezoindelach and The Pin

March News

We are thrilled and delighted to have had such a successful event in honor of the Micha Shagrir Collection. We had a full house, good feedback and a nice cocktail sponsored by the Austrian Embassy as well.

Tamara Erde’s film Teaching Ignorance is taking part in One World Romania later this month.

The Hungarian Embassy in Israel is hosting a very special screening of The Polgar Variant at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque with members of the Polgar family present.

Jerusalem Boxing Club and The Guardians of Remembrance are screening in New York at the Russian-American Cultural Center.

University of Pennsylvania is purchasing 20 titles from our catalogue for academic research and library use, amongst: My Beloved Uncles, The Nobelists, Einstein in the Holyland, The Kozalchik AffairThe way of Man - a film about Martin Buber and Gezoindelach

Jewish Identity in France is taking part in the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival.

February Highlights

We are very honored to be launching the Micha Shagrir Collection later this month as we mark one year since his death. A special evening, under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy, and with the Ambassador present, will take place at the Jerusalem Cinematheque on February 25th.

Filmmaker Itzik Lerner will be a guest of the Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival where his film God's Messangers will screen, along with two other of our films, Village of Peace and Gezoindelach

The Polgar Variant continues to be very popular – this month the film will be screening at the Denver Jewish Film Festival and The San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Einstein in the Holyland will have its US premiere at the Washington Jewish Film Festival

The Toronto Jewish Film Society is screening Special Interview

January 2016 Highlights

Filmmaker Regina Schilling will be at the New York Jewish Film Festival for the US premiere of her film Tito's Glasses

Arizona State University is purchasing 10 of our newest documentaries including The Kozalchik Affair and The way of Man - a film about Martin Buber

Next month we will be holding a joint event with the Hungarian Embassy in Israel – a special screening of The Polgar Variant in Tel Aviv

When People Die They Sing Songs will be having special screenings for International Holocaust Remembrance Day as part of the Religion Today Festival in Italy

Filmmaker Boris Maftsir is completing the next chapter in his ambitious project about the Holocaust in the former Soviet Union. This new film will be broadcast on Israel Channel One for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

December Highlights

Ruth Diskin will be a guest of GZDocs Film Festival in China.

It is great to be a part of the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival once again. The festive premiere of The way of Man - a film about Martin Buber in the presence of the filmmakers will be taking place there next week.

We are proud to be partnering with the Hungarian Embassy in Israel for a special screening of The Hungarian Cube at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

Very happy to have added French documentary Bride of the Nile that was just premiered at the RIDM FF in Montreal

The Jews and the Longest Kiss in History  will be screening in London with the filmmaker present

NHK Japan is broadcasting When People Die They Sing Songs this month

ESRA is hosting a screening and discussion about the film The Polgar Variant

The Guardians of Remembrance is screening at the Association of Jewish Studies annual conference in Boston this year


November Highlights

If you haven’t noticed – we have launched our new website….! More updates and features to come.

Gezoindelach is having its European premiere at Kassel Doc in Germany later this month

Memorial de la Shoah in Paris is screening  The Kozalchik Affair

The Jewish International Film Festival in Australia is screening our films, The NobelistsThe Polgar Variant and Einstein in the Holyland

The prestigious US Holocaust & Memorial Museum is purchasing several of our films for library use and research purposes, amongst: The Pin, The Kozalchik Affair, After the Mist and When People Die They Sing Songs

The Polgar Variant and Brundibar Revisited are both taking part in the Calgary Jewish Film Festival

Jerusalem Boxing Club and Teaching Ignorance are having their NY premieres at the upcoming Other Israel Film Festival, filmmaker Tamara Erde and filmmaker Helen Yanovsky will be attending

October Highlights

Congratulations to Yonatan Dekel on winning the Ophir Prize of the Israeli Film Academy for his film, April Fool's, made at the Sam Spiegel Film School

When People Die They Sing Songs has been licensed by Japanese TV. First transmission: November, 2015

The Kozalchik Affair is having its North American premiere at the Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles

Filmmaker Boris Maftsir will be a guest of the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema with his film Guardians of Remembrance

The Polgar Variant will be screening at the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema with chess master Susan Polgar present

The European Psychological Film Festival is hosing filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger for a screening of his award-winning The Flat

The International Jewish Film Festival in Australia is screening three of our films; EINSTEIN IN THE HOLY LAND, The Polgar Variant and the series THE NOBELISTS

The Flat is screening at the Toronto Jewish Film Society later this month

Filmmaker Inna Rogatchi is in Israel for a series of screenings of her film Lessons of Survival at Cinematheques

Pole, Dancer, Movie is taking part in the Reel Women’s Film Festival in Southern California

The Austin Jewish Film Festival is screening the Sam Spiegel short film Tormus

The Fading Valley will be taking part in the Document Film Festival in Scotland

David is screening at a multi-cultural event in Boston, bringing together Muslim and Jewish neighbors

The Sam Spiegel short film How I Killed Rabin is screening at the JCC in Stamford CT

The Sam Spiegel short Firstborn is screening at the Cleveland Jewish Film Festival