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Storm of Emotions

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Storm of Emotions

  • The Disengagement from the Gaza Strip. The Story of brothers in heart.
(Doc., 84 min., DVD/35mm, 2006)
  • Written & Directed by: Yael Klopmann
  • Produced by: Jim Abrams & Micky Rabinovitz – Light Stream Israel
  • Language: Hebrew with English subtitles (also available with French subtitles)
  • North America TV Sales: Cinetic Media, NY


The 1982 peace agreement with Egypt obliged thousands of people to leave their homes in the Sinai desert. From the options they were given by the Israeli government, many chose "Gush Katif" in the Gaza Strip as their new home. To progress the peace process, the Israeli government ordered the evacuation of the Gaza Strip on August 2005. This decision created political and social turmoil. The evacuation was to be the most complex and sensitive mission ever to be undertaken by the police forces. This movie is about emotions, beliefs, conscience and true brotherly love. It is a story of humanity in its finest hour. This is the story of brothers in heart…



  • Silver Phoenix Award – Warsaw Jewish Motifs Festival, Poland, 2008
  • Best Documentary Award – Long Beach International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Best Documentary Award – Isabella Women Film Week, Italy, 2007
  • Remi Award for Creative Excellence – WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Angel Humanitarian Award – Monaco International Film Festival, 2006


  • Beit Avi Chai, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Shaarei Tikvah Synagogue, NY, USA, 2008
  • The Hamptons Synagogue, USA, 2008
  • Warsaw Jewish Motifs Film Festival, Poland, 2008
  • Memphis Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008
  • Staten Island Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008
  • Bergen County Jewish Film Series, USA, 2008
  • Allentown Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008
  • Bogota International Film Festival, Africa, 2007
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Long Beach International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Isabella Women Film Week, Italy, 2007
  • The Jewish Museum of Maryland, USA, 2007
  • University of Oklahoma, USA, 2007
  • Houston JCC, USA, 2007
  • JCC of Greater Washington, USA, 2007
  • Hillel at American University, USA, 2007
  • Stamford Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Casa del Cinema International Film Festival, Rome, 2007
  • The Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2007
  • Kehilath Jeshurun, NYU, USA, 2007
  • SouthSide International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Swansea International Film Festival – Documentary Category, Wales, UK, 2007
  • Krakow International Film Festival, Poland, 2007
  • The Academy of Motions Pictures Arts and Sciences Documentary Features Short List, 2006
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Amnesty International Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2007
  • Monaco International Film Festival, 2007
  • Bermuda International Film Festival, 2007
  • Cinemanila International Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2007
  • Isratim, Paris Israeli Film Festival, France, 2007


  • Alden Library, Ohio
  • McGill University
  • University of Ohio
  • Stanford University
  • Milwaukee Coalition for Jewish Learning
  • Baltimore Center for Jewish Education
  • Duke University
  • UCLA
  • University of Florida
  • Makor Jewish Library, Australia
  • Ohio State University
  • Harvard University, USA
  • Maryland University, USA
  • Yale University, USA
  • Hebrew University, Israel
  • Skirball Intstitue, USA

Press and Links

"Just a few years ago, the Israeli police and army successfully evacuated the settlements of Gush Katif, in what was called "the disengagement". A human and emotional look at the turmoil of the disengagement can be seen in the documentary film, Storm of Emotions, directed by Yael Klopmann (83 min., 2007). The film includes a fascinating section on the simulation training and role-playing that the police and army underwent in preparation for the disengagement. Their readiness was thorough."
For the entire review by Amy Kronish, check Kronish's blog click here

“…The Middle East theme continues with a surprise on the short list

the Hebrew language STORM OF EMOTIONS, directed by Yael Klopmann. The film documents the decision of the Israeli government as they order the evacuation of the Gaza strip in August 2005, and the political and social turmoil that follows”.
For the entire article by Jonny Leahan/ IndieWIRE, click here

“…I’ll admit I like films with a bit of action and horror. So if you are looking for such scenes, this is not the film. What surprised me most was the organized, non-violent way in which the Israeli authorities behaved. Despite being cursed and called things such as “Nazis”, and traitors, I’d say they showed tremendous restraint. I’d always held the belief that life in Israel was always a state of chaos, bloodshed and civil war. If I learned anything, it is the antithesis.”
Tari Trott, The Royal Gazett, March 2007

"Storm of Emotions," a documentary on the agonizing evacuation of Jewish settlers from their Gaza Strip homes, is the first Israeli production in decades to have a serious shot at Oscar honors. A close-up and personal account of the "disengagement" operation in August 2005, the film has been short-listed among the 15 contenders in the best documentary feature category by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.”
For the entire article by Tom Tugend/Jewish, Feb., 2007, click here

“The Israeli documentary Storm of Emotions being presented at the Triplex in Great Barrington, Mass., this weekend 'Storm of Emotions' is an amazing piece of cinema that gives you a front seat view of history as it’s being carried out (this is a here and now doc, all filmed as it’s happening, not a retrospective look back with talking-heads commentary. The film offers a rare look at what goes into what is ostensibly the complex planning for carrying out and executing the evacuation of an entire population of your own countrymen who believe they are being treated unfairly.”
For the entire article by Seth Rogovy, editor-in-chief and critic-at-large, BERKSHIRE LIVING Magazine, click here

An article by Thomas Mclean from Variety about Storm of Emotions, for the article click here

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