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Revolution 101

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Revolution 101

(Doc., 85 min., 2010, DVD/Digibeta, Color)
  • Written by: Yossi Madmoni, Ari Folman, Ori Inbar, Doron Tsabari
  • Directed by: Doron Tsabari
  • Produced by: Ori Inbar - Guerrilla Films
  • Sponsored by: Israel Film Fund, Keshet - Channel 2 Israel & Yes Doc-Israel
  • Language: Hebrew with English / French subtitles


The film that started it all. Both an inspiration and a facilitator for the current social movement taking hold in Israel, this film is outlines the path to change. Not only a guide to the revolution - but a film about film and the power to change. Combining both documentary and fictional material, this unique film focuses on a film director and his producer and their struggle to restore the public in "public broadcasting". Following the two protagonists over a period of seven years, we see their experience with corruption, inflexibility and deterioration against which they strive in their quest to guarantee a new law that will ensure well-managed public broadcasting. The two central characters share a strong and unshakable belief in the power of film – it is an almost religious belief that the revolution will indeed be televised.



  • Best Film - Mediterranean Int'l Film Festival, Croatia, 2011
  • Best Editing - Israeli Academy Awards, 2010
  • Best Original Score - Israeli Academy Awards, 2010
  • Best Editing - Jerusalem Int'l Film Festival, 2010
  • Best Script - Jerusalem Int'l Film Festival, 2010


  • Brussels International Mediterranean Film Festival, Belgium, 2012
  • The Israeli Season - Luxembourg Cinematheque, 2011
  • Australia Israeli Film Festival, 2011
  • Sao Paulo Israeli Film Festival, Brazil, 2011
  • 12th Mediterranean Film Festival, Bosnia, 2011
  • IsraFest NY, USA 2011
  • Input Conference, Korea, 2011
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey, 2011
  • ISRATIM Film Festival, France, 2011
  • FIPA-Biarritz International Film Festival, France, 2011
  • Planete Doc International Film Festival, Poland, 2011
  • Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • Official Competition - Planete Doc Film Festival Poland, 2011
  • Jerusalem Int'l Film Festival Official Competition, 2010


  • UCLA
  • Duke university
  • Monash University, Australia
  • Duke University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Harvard University
  • Arizona State University
  • Princeton University

Press and Links

Revolution 101 helped inspire the critical mass of protestors who have set up tent cities in Tel Aviv to protest against the rising cost of living and the unaffordability of housing in Israel.

For the entire review by Lucy Meyer about the Film, check:

Revolution 101 has offered an excellent picture of a fight of an individual against a corrupt system. The film encourages all those who believe that it is possible to fight for the noble goals fulfillment".

The Jury's Verdict for the BEST Film Award at the Bosnia Int'l Mediterranean Film Festival, 2011:

This is an insightful and powerfully critical film of the real Israel – the world of politics and corruption, the world of television broadcasting and the world of lawmakers. Together with his producer, Ori Inbar, Tsabari shoulders the burden of taking on the establishment in an effort to revolutionize the world of public broadcasting. Although the final outcome seems less important than the process itself, one can certainly conclude that social change is possible.
For the entire review by Amy Kronish, follow this link

Deep, Original and Sad

Kobi Doron, Israel Today, Nov 1st 2010

Eight years is a very long time. And during this time quite a few changes take place in both the personal and professional lives of the protagonists.

Director Tsabari has a nervous mother to contend with as he becomes a father himself. Producer Ori Inbar gets tired of being an acclaimed filmmaker and decides to become a lawyer.

Along the way the CEO of the Broadcast Authority changes, rallies are organized, members of parliament make promises, and a new prime minister takes over.

After watching the film I can easily say that Tsabari and Inbar are totally crazy – but I guess that in order to cause a revolution one has to be a bit of a Don Quixote.

Above all, REVOLUTION 101 is a film that makes us think about our society; a society that is violent and in which one hand slaps the other and corruption and connections are the name of the game. The filmmakers are no pansies – they fight violence with violence, though their cause is just.

This film is worth seeing. It is original, smart, deep, moving, sad, funny, twisted and personal. I will be the first to sign up for their next revolution.


9 out of 10.



REVOLUTION 101 – an activist documentary, a nostalgic autobiography, a fiction film, or whatever - this is a film that shakes, pokes and is so funny that it makes you cry. A five star film.

Yael Shuv/TimeOut Tel Aviv, Oct 2010


a terrific rabble-rousing film” – Midnight

this film is a cinematic study that more than anything- and with the right amount of humor, represents correctly what it is like to live in this place” – Uri Klein, Ha’aretz

sorry to sound like an entertainment magazine – but if you are going to see one film this year, REVOLUTION 101 is that film” – Devorit Shargel, Velvet Underground

this is a film about film – and the belief in its essence” – Yair Raveh, CinemaScope

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