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(Fic., 40 min., color, DVD/BETA, 2005)
  • Written & Directed by: Issac Yatskan
  • Produced by: Zuf Productions, Jerusalem


Introverted Shaul moves into charismatic Benny's room in a halfway house for former convicts, Benny quickly becomes Shaul’s role-model. When Benny takes a wrong turn to drugs, Shaul's crutch crumbles and the "user" inside him awakes. Shaul uses humiliation to control Benny, commanding the addict within himself. The relationship between the two deteriorates to the point where Benny draws a knife. Deborah, a drama therapist, draws them into the their past in order to discover the roots of their crisis. If they can not cooperate in creating a play, they will return to prison to remaining "third" of their sentence



  • Haifa international Film Festival, 2005


  • Ohio State University
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