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  1. Counterlight


    Israel 2017, 24 min, Short experimental fiction

    Written & Directed by: Maya Zack
    Produced by: Maya Zack
    With the support of: the Ostrovsky Family Fund; the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts; Artis Grant Program; Outset Contemporary Art Fund; a grant from the Claims Conference; and Kronos Aerial Photography
    Language: German with English subtitles

    Hypnotic journey into the depths of consciousness that follows the traces of poet Paul Celan.

  2. The Pin

    The Pin

    Fic, 85 min, 2013

    Written & Directed by: Naomi Jaye
    Cast: Milda Gecaite, Grisha Paternak
    Produced by: Daniel Bekerman
    Supported by: Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts
    Language: Yiddish with English subtitles

    Two young people hid in the same barn during the harrowing days of World War II. This touching romance in Yiddish is a universal story of love and devotion over the years.

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  3. David


    Fic, 80 min, 2011

    Written & Directed by: Joel Fendelman
    Co-written and Co-Directed by: Patrick Daly
    Produced by: Julian Schwartz
    Executive Producer: Stephanie Levy
    Subtitles: English and Arabic with English

    Faith, friendship and family – and the challenges of being different in America.

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  4. Lea and Daria

    Lea and Daria

    Fic, 97 min, 2011

    Directed by: Branko Ivanda
    Produced by: Lidija Ivanda
    Written by: Branko Ivanda & Drago Kekanovic
    Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Center City of Zagreb-Office for Education, Culture and Sports


    An  inspiring true story about two thirteen-year-old girls who on the eve of World War II, were great dancing and acting stars in Zagreb.
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  5. A Touch Away

    A Touch Away

    8 X 38 min, Color – An Award Winning Drama Series, 2007

    Creators of the Series: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Ronit Weis-Berkowitz, Ron Ninio
    Directed by: Ron Ninio
    Produced by: Zafrir Kochanovsky & Miri Ezra – T.T.V Productions
    Sponsored by: Reshet/Israel’s 2nd Channel & Tsav Piyus
    Language: Hebrew, Russian with English and French Subtitles

    An engaging series that focuses on two families whose lives fatefully intersect in an apartment complex in an Orthodox suburb of Tel Aviv. The Bermans are a strictly religious (Haredi) family - but sparks fly when a newly arrived, secular family from Russia take over a neighboring apartment.

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