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  1. Peter the 3rd

    Peter the 3rd

    (Fic., 81 min. HD/ DVD 2015 - New Release)

    Directed by: Tommy Lang
    Written by: Tommy Lang & Dikla Ben-Zion
    Produced by: Tommy Lang, Amir Gedaliya,
    Cast: Robert Hoenig, Dana Yadlin, Nathan Nathansohn, Yakov Bodo
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A comedy about age, friendship and pensions. A 65 year old actor teams up with a 28 year old waitress in order to ensure his pension, and along the way they both learn about themselves and about life.

    DVD Release Date: 01 August 2016
  2. The Pin

    The Pin

    (Fic. 85 min. HD, DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Naomi Jaye
    Cast: Milda Gecaite, Grisha Paternak
    Produced by: Daniel Bekerman
    Supported by: Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts
    Language: Yiddish with English subtitles

    Two young people hid in the same barn during the harrowing days of World War II. This touching romance in Yiddish is a universal story of love and devotion over the years.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  3. Letter from the Past

    Letter from the Past

    (Fic, 50 min. HD, DVD, 2014)

    Written and Directed by: Ofer Zingerman
    Produced by: Yael Abecassis and Hillel Roseman-Casis Films
    Supported by: The Makor Fund
    Cast: Gdalia Besser, Yossi Graber
    Language: Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles

    Menachem is a Holocaust survivor living in Tel Aviv. When he receives a letter that had been lost in the mail for 40 years, it brings back a flood of memories.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  4. David


    (Fic, 80 min. DVD/HDCam, 2011)

    Written & Directed by: Joel Fendelman
    Co-written and Co-Directed by: Patrick Daly
    Produced by: Julian Schwartz
    Executive Producer: Stephanie Levy
    Subtitles: English and Arabic with English

    Faith, friendship and family – and the challenges of being different in America.

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    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  5. Lea and Daria

    Lea and Daria

    (Fic. 97 min. DVD/HDCAM 2011)

    Directed by: Branko Ivanda
    Produced by: Lidija Ivanda
    Written by: Branko Ivanda & Drago Kekanovic
    Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Center City of Zagreb-Office for Education, Culture and Sports


    An  inspiring true story about two thirteen-year-old girls who on the eve of World War II, were great dancing and acting stars in Zagreb.
    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  6. All I've Got

    All I've Got

    (Fic., 70 min., DVD/BETA 2002)

    Written & Directed by: Keren Margalit
    Produced by: Hamon Productions
    Series Originators: Etti Anetta-Segev, Michael Tapuach
    Series Editors: Etti Anetta-Segev, Dina Zvi-Riklis

    A 72-year-old grandmother dies and finds herself on a ferry which will take her across the river to the hereafter. On the ferryboat she meets her first love, who was killed in a road accident in which they were both involved when they were young. And here she is presented with a fateful choice.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  7. Caravan 841

    Caravan 841

    (Fic., 52 min., DVD/BETA 2001)

    Written by: Zion Rubin, Dorit Hakim
    Directed by: Zion Rubin
    Produced by: Reshet & Donna Productions
    Series Creators: Renen Schorr, Orit Azoulay
    Series Originators: Chaim Sharir, Renen Schorr

    A young Ethiopian boy, longing for his mother and torn between a traditional religious older man and a spirited musician.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  8. It Was Great

    It Was Great

    (Fic., 52 min., DVD/BETA, 2002)

    Directed by: Sivan Arbel
    Written by: Asaf Harel, Sivan Arbel
    Produced by: Asaf Amir - Norma Productions
    Series Creators: Renen Schorr, Orit Azoulay
    Series Originators: Chaim Sharir, Renen Schorr

    Forced to face the gap between self-image and reality, a family on vacation explores some hidden truths.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  9. Shofar


    (Fic., 52 min., DVD/BETA, 2001)

    Written by: Dov Elbaum
    Directed by: Daniel Syrkin
    Produced by: Produced by
    Series Creators: Renen Schorr, Orit Azoulay
    Series Originators: Chaim Sharir, Renen Schorr

    One afternoon, the autistic son of a poor family enters the neighbor’s apartment and a miracle occurs. From that moment, a great crowd gathers around the home of the Zakuta family and changes their lives. A story of marriage, belief and parenting in crisis.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

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