Politics and Conflict

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  1. On the Frontline

    On the Frontline

    Doc, 54 min, 2002

    Written & Directed by: Chanoch Ze'evi
    Produced by: Hanoch Zeevi - Maya Productions
    Sponsored by: The New Foundation for Cinema & Television and Telad/ Israel’s 2nd Channel


    A year of pre-army community service turns into much more as a group of youngsters find themselves on the front line of the Al-Aqsa Intifada.

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  3. Nadia's Friends

    Nadia's Friends

    Doc, 60 min, color, 2006

    Written by: Bosmat Zaidenband & Chanoch Ze'evi
    Directed & Produced by: Chanoch Zeevi – Maya productions
    Sponsored by: The New Foundation for Cinema & Television, The 2nd Authority for Radio & Television and Avichai Foundation
    language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A religious Jew and a Muslim girl were classmates. In this beautiful film we follow Chanoch as he tries to organize a class reunion 30 years later. A journey into the past which poses many questions for the future.

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  4. Refugees


    doc, 52 Min, & 67 Min, 2008, Color

    Written & Directed by: Shai Carmeli-Polak
    Produced by: Zafrir Kochanovsky, Miri Ezra – TTV Productions
    Sponsored by: Makor Foundation, Israel
    Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English with English subtitles

    Crossing the desert on foot desperate refugees attempt to reach safety. But Israel is not just any country – and its own past as a haven for refugees from war torn Europe is no simple matter.

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  5. Chronicle of a Kidnap

    Chronicle of a Kidnap

    Doc, 55 min, Color, 2008

    Written & Directed by: Nurit Kedar
    Produced by: David Mandil
    Sponsors: Channel 10-Israel

    The Kafkaesque story at the center of a national debate following the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. A powerful film that captures the politics of finding one self in the center of media frenzy

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  6. Dubak - A Palestinian Jew

    Dubak - A Palestinian Jew

    Doc, 60 Min, 2008

    Written & Directed by: Ella Alterman
    Produced by: Yehuda Bitton
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
    Supported by: Channel 1, IBA-Israel


    "a person like Dubak is not someone you have seen before. And such an oversized and tragic story such as this has not been told until now."

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  7. Nuran


    Doc, 50 \ 67 min, Digibeta, 2008

    Written & Directed by: Amikam Shossberger
    Produced by: David Mandil, Nurit Kedar
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles
    Sponsored by: The New Foundation for Cinema & TV & The Second Authority for Radio & TV

    Kidnapped from her doorstep inside the Palestinian Authority and into the State of Israel, Nuran's parents have been staging a desperate, life-threatening, Kafkaesque search; forced to deal with the hurdles thrown at them by the IDF and the Israeli Police.

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  8. The Third One is On Its Way

    The Third One is On Its Way

    Doc, 55 min, color, 2008

    Written and Directed by: Shlomo Slutzky
    Co-Produced with: Channel 1, Israel
    Available formats: Hebrew and Spanish with English and/or with Spanish narration

    An Argentian journalist returns to his place of birth to embark upon a personal crusade. During his travels he seeks to unveil the truth behind the bare facts that obscured the investigation of the bombings of Jewish targets in Argentina.

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  9. Cobwebs


    Doc, 63 min, DigiBETA, color, 2008

    Written & Directed by: Micha Livne
    Produced by: Zvia Keren
    Co-produced by: Channel 1 - Israel
    language: Hebrew with English subtitles


    Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah once declared Israel to be “weaker than cobwebs”. During the Second Lebanon War, documentary filmmaker Zvia Keren visited devastated northern cities in Israel, amidst missiles, destruction and fright.

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