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  1. The Underground in the Tunnel of Time

    The Underground in the Tunnel of Time

    Doc, 80 min, 2010

    Written & Directed by: Benjamin Ohry
    Produced by: S.Y. Production – Yehuda Bitton
    Sponsored by: IBA-Channel 1 & Rabinowitz Foundation - Cinema Project
    Languages: Hebrew & English with English subtitles

    A story of personal strength and national dignity, this new documentary film reveals one of the best-kept secrets of the British Mandate. The Etzel and Lehi were pre-State militant groups who waged an armed struggle against the British – this is a story of courage and conviction.



  2. I Was There in Color

    I Was There in Color

    doc, 55 min, Digibeta, Color, 2010

    Directed by: Avishai Kfir - Rei Communications Ltd.
    Produced by: Itzhak Rubin
    Sponsored by: IBA Channel 1-Israel & The Rabinovich Foundation – Cinema Project
    Language: English narration

    Extraordinary, never before seen footage of Israel’s History in color.

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  3. Ingelore


    40 min, color, 2009

    Directed by: Frank Stiefel
    Produced by: Frank Stiefel
    Language: English and German with English subtitles

    A mix of first person narrative in spoken English and ASL, archival footage, verite footage, and simple re creations, this film is a remarkable and uplifting story of personal and emotional freedom told by a unique storyteller who despite her deafness secured a travel visa against the terrifying rise of the Third Reich.

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  4. Jubanos - The Jews of Cuba

    Jubanos - The Jews of Cuba

    Doc, 43 min, miniDV 2010

    Directed and Produced by: Milos S. Silber
    Language: Spanish with English subtitles

    Cuba is known for its revolutionary leaders, communism, cigars, and 50's cars. However, religion is not usually associated with this small island. Jubanos tells the story of the 1500 Jews who remained in the country despite the difficulties.

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  5. Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith

    Doc, 95 min, 2009

    Directed and Produced by: Antony Benjamin, Stephen Z. Friedman
    Language: English


    Searching for truth and meaning in their lives, this group of unlikely Americans take a leap of faith and undergo conversion from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism. Emotional and spiritual strength is needed in order to make such a drastic step in one's life.

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  6. Just Like Home

    Just Like Home

    Doc, 58 Min, MiniDV, color, 2009

    Written and Directed by: Alexander Gentelev
    Produced by: Sasha Klein and Maya Zinshtein - S.M.S. Productions
    Language: Russian with English Subtitles

    A Moscow orphanage for Jewish children is the setting for this moving story. This gentle film offers a rare glimpse at life in a home with thirty children and two “parents” who refuse to give up hope.

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  7. The Phoenixes

    The Phoenixes

    Doc, 56 Min, MiniDV, color, 2009

    Directed by: Yoram Hoenig
    Produced by: Micha Shagrir
    Language: Hebrew, English Subtitles

    The profound and moving stories of seven holocaust survivors who have played a significant role in the development of the Israeli society.

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  8. I had a dream

    I had a dream

    Doc, 52 Min, MiniDV, color, 2009

    Directed by: Tezeta Germay
    Produced by: Micha Shagrir, Tapuz Communication Ltd
    Language: Hebrew,Amaharic, English subtitles

    As a young boy, born into a closed and isolated community in Ethiopia, far from the centers of the Jewish world, Yona Bugale was brought to Europe, where he discovered his common heritage with the Jewish people. Though he himself did not live to see the realization of his dream and life’s work, he worked ceaselessly as a teacher and community leader, in order to prevent the possible destruction of Ethiopian Jewry.

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  9. Tarab


    Doc 78 min, miniDV color, 2009

    Directed by: Boris Maftsir
    Produced by: Zvi Shefy
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    The Journey of author Eli Amir and Filmmaker Boris Mafstir in search of identity and memory. Boris Maftsir sets out to trace the memories and personal identity of his friend Eli, and in the process encounters his own buried memories from the distant past in the Former Soviet Union.

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