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  1. Fringes


    (Doc 72 min. MINIDV/DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Paula Weiman-Kelman
    Produced by: Jonathan Lopatin – not so simple productions
    Language: English and Hebrew with English\Hebrew subtitles

    Stories of unconventional innovators of 21st-century Jewish expression.

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  2. poster

    My Herzl

    (Doc 52 min. miniDV/DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Eli Tal-El
    Produced by: Tal-El Productions & Willit Productions, Canada
    Language: Hebrew and English
    Subtitles: English, German and Spanish

    An intimate and unexpected documentary about the private life of Theodor Herzl. An unconventional documentary which is also a personal look at the man who inspired so many – and his legacy which is still under debate.

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  3. Tree of Life: Reflections on Torah and Environment

    Tree of Life: Reflections on Torah and Environment

    (Doc 28 min. DVCAM/DVD, 2012)

    Written & Directed by: Monique Schwarz
    Produced by: Monique Schwarz & Benzion Tidhar, Amber Films
    Language: English & Hebrew, with English subtitles


    A fascinating journey through the Torah and Israel which encourages and commands caring for and preserving the environment.
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  4. Pursued


    (Doc. 51 and 60 min. DVD/BETA, 2012)

    Written & directed by: Menachem Roth
    Produced by: Ron Ofer – Ron Ofer Films
    Sponsored by: The Makor Foundation, The Gesher Foundation & The Second Authority for Radio & TV, Israel
    Languages: Yiddish and Hebrew with English subtitles

    a courageous self-portrait, where the camera becomes a weapon of entrapment as well as an instrument of redemption in the painful chain of sexual abuse.

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  5. Days of Youth

    Days of Youth

    (Doc, 57 min. DVD/digibeta, 2012)

    Directed by: Pascal Roy and Leonardo Cohen
    Directed and Produced by: Roy & Cohen Productions
    Languages: Spanish and Hebrew with English subtitles

    A film that sheds light upon the HaShomer Ha'Tsair movement and unveils a little known chapter in the history of Mexican Judaism and its role in the creation of the State of Israel.

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  6. David


    (Fic, 80 min. DVD/HDCam, 2011)

    Written & Directed by: Joel Fendelman
    Co-written and Co-Directed by: Patrick Daly
    Produced by: Julian Schwartz
    Executive Producer: Stephanie Levy
    Subtitles: English and Arabic with English

    Faith, friendship and family – and the challenges of being different in America.

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  8. Auf Wiedersehen-Till We Meet Again

    Auf Wiedersehen-Till We Meet Again

    (Doc. 76 min. DVD/HDCAM, 2011)

    Directed by: Linda G. Mills & Brian Dilg
    Written and Produced by: Linda G. Mills &Peter Goodrich - Icy House Productions

    Author and activist Linda G. Mills is propelled by her family’s life-threatening experience of September 11, 2001 to return to the site of her mother’s flight from Vienna in 1939. A compelling and often funny tale of recovery and renewal.

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  9. No Full Stop

    No Full Stop

    (Doc. 52 min. DVD/DVCam, 2011)

    Produced and directed by: Shlomo Slutzky
    Co-Produced by: Yehuda Bitton, Ruth Dawni Dror & Demian Burak
    Written by: Alejandra Marino & Shlomo Slutzky
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel One, INCAA Argentina
    Language: Spanish and Hebrew with English subtitles

    Journalistic assignment to cover trial of a former Junta General turns personal for journalist Shlomo Slutzky as he tries to track down former friends who had joined the resistance.

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