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  1. Dolphin Boy

    Dolphin Boy

    (Doc., 72 min. DVD, 2011)

    Written and Directed by: Dani Menkin & Yonatan Nir
    Produced by: Judith Menassen Ramon, Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir
    Sponsored by: The Second Authority For TV & Radio, New Fund for Cinema & TV, Mifal HaPayis, ARTE, Channel 4
    Language: Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

    The incredible story of an Arab-Israeli teenager who ceased communication with people following a severe trauma, and comes back to life thanks to a special connection he develops with dolphins.

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  2. Jean Wejnoon

    Jean Wejnoon

    (Doc, 87 min. DVD/DVCam, 2011)

    Written & directed by: Mamdooh Afdile
    Produced by: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait – Lama Films
    Sponsored by: Gesher Foundation, Channel 8 Israel
    Language: Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

    An invitation to embark on a magical journey into the filmmaker’s amusing life, this film is an amalgamation of reality and imagination.

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  3. Life in the Long Run

    Life in the Long Run

    (Doc, 60 min. DVD, BETA, 2012)

    Directed by: Itay Landsberg-Nevo
    Produced by: Aran Reilinger
    Sponsored by: IBA Channel 1, Israel
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    Cancer terrifies hundreds of millions all over the world. This is the story of a struggle. This impossible connection was made by two men. a year of rehabilitation, training and the challenges of both running a marathon and battling cancer.

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  4. Slightly, Seriously, Critically Injured

    Slightly, Seriously, Critically Injured

    (Doc. 53 min. DVCAM/DVD , 2011)

    Directed by: Amir Bar Shalom & Avital Ben Moshe
    Written by: Ora Maymon-Pilewski
    Sponsored by: IBA Israel Channel One
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A family’s life changed in a split second. An IDF elite commando unit set out on a routine mission and the life of a young soldier – and his whole family's reality is changed. A moving portrait of the world of a critically injured, 22 year old soldier at the most difficult moments.

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  5. Iraq N' Roll

    Iraq N' Roll

    (Doc, 52 min. miniDV/DVD, 2011)

    Written and Directed by: Gili Gaon
    Produced by: Dani Haimovich - Station Films Ltd.
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 2, Gesher Foundation, Avi Chai Foundation
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles

    In an attempt to bridge time, space and culture, Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassa takes on the original music of his grandfather who was one of the leading musicians in the early 20th century in Iraq. A grandson and the weight of history – a story about the power of music and its ability to heal a family’s pain.

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  7. Who Shot My Father?

    Who Shot My Father?

    (Doc. 71 min. 2011, DVD/DVcam)

    Written & Directed by: Liora Amir Barmatz
    Produced by: Zvia Weizman, Aviva Stern
    Sponsored by: IBA TV Channel 1, Israel
    Languages: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

    Israeli Air Force Attaché Colonel Joe Alon was assassinated near his Washington D.C. home in 1973. 38 years later, the case remains unsolved. 

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  8. Homecoming


    (Doc 58 min.,HD, DVD, 2011)

    Directed by: Orna Ben Dor and Noa Maiman
    Produced by: Noa Maiman - Added Value Productions N. M. Ltd.
    Sponsored by: Channel 10, Israel, Makor Film Fund, Israel
    Language: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Lingala with English subtitles

    The quest for identity in modern Israel. Three children of foreign workers who were born in Israel travel to their parents' homelands as they seek out their roots and their own place in the world.

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  9. Longing


    (Doc, 60 min. DVD/BETA , 2011)

    Written and Directed by: Effi Banay
    Produced by: Yehuda Bitton - Y. Bitton Productions
    Sponsored by: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, The Gesher Foundation & The Second Authority for Television & Radio, Zochrot Organization
    Language: Hebrew, Farsi & Arabic with English subtitles

    The journey of a man into the depths of his past and into the roots of his yearning for a place which was and is no more.

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