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  1. The Unwelcoming

    The Unwelcoming

    (Doc. 73 min. HD/DVD, 2014)

    Written & Directed by: Robby Elmaliah
    Produced by: Ruthie Shatz & Adi Barash – Yulari Films & Fig Films
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, Makor Foundation, Mifal HaPayis
    Language: Hebrew and Tunisian Arabic with English subtitles

    Tensions arise between the wider community and within the Uzan family, who have recently immigrated to Israel from Tunisa.

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  2. Footsteps in Jerusalem

    Footsteps in Jerusalem

    (Doc. 90 min, DVD, 2013)

    Conceived by: Renen Schorr
    Artistic Advisors: Yael Perlov, Dan Geva
    Directed by: David Perlov, Dan Geva, David Ofek, Nadav Lapid, Benjamin Freidenberg, Moran Ifergan, Yarden Karmin, Amichai Chasson and Elad Schwartz, Boaz Frankel and Yair Agmon, Nayef Hammoud and Yotam Kislev
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, The New Fund for Cinema and Television, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund
    Subtitles: Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

    A tribute to David Perlov, the forefather of modern Israeli documentary cinema and to his 1963 revolutionary film In Jerusalem.

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  3. Fantastisch


    (Doc. 64 min. HDCam/DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Ofra Sarel-Koren
    Produced by: Yahaly Gat - Muse Productions
    Sponsored by: the New Foundation for Cinema & TV, The Second Authority of TV & Radio
    Language: Hebrew and German with English subtitles

    100 year old Shmulik Lesched is living proof that the secret to a long life is vivid colors, happy music and making others smile.

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  4. The Israeli Code

    The Israeli Code

    (Doc. 50 min, DVD, 2013)

    Directed by: Ayelet Dekel
    Written: with Alex Levac, Prof. Gad Yair
    Produced by: Hagit Segal
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8
    Languages: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A journey into the Israeli public sphere where sociologist Gad Yair and photojournalist Alex Levac join in to try and understand some of the DNA of Israeli society.

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  5. Choose to Fight

    Choose to Fight

    (Doc 51 min, DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Itay Livne
    Produced by: Itay Livne – FilmsForAChange
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 2
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    An extraordinary childhood of rigorous training entangled by complex family relationships in the ring that is shadowed by the weight of the past.

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  6. Leibowitz: Faith, Country and Man

    Leibowitz: Faith, Country and Man

    (Doc., Mini Series 60 min x 3, DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Uri Rosenwaks & Rinat Klein
    Produced by: Haim Slutzky & Dana Cohen – Dana Productions
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, AviChai Foundation & Rabinovich Foundation for Cinema
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    Raging prophet, iconoclastic philosopher, scientist a social critic  - and an Orthodox Jew, Yeshayahu Leibowitz confronted Israeli society with both moral and social courage - his words are still alive, provocative and ever-so relevant to the fate of Israel.

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  7. poster

    My Herzl

    (Doc 52 min. miniDV/DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Eli Tal-El
    Produced by: Tal-El Productions & Willit Productions, Canada
    Language: Hebrew and English
    Subtitles: English, German and Spanish

    An intimate and unexpected documentary about the private life of Theodor Herzl. An unconventional documentary which is also a personal look at the man who inspired so many – and his legacy which is still under debate.

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  8. Violetta Ma Vida

    Violetta Ma Vida

    (Documentary, 50min, DVD, 2012, HD, color)

    Written and Directed by: Or Sinai
    Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
    Language: Hebrew and Spanish with English subtitles

    12 year old Violeta has a rare bone disease. But despite the hardships she and her mother Debora face, they are determined to have the best bat mitzvah celebration they can.

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  9. Pursued


    (Doc. 51 and 60 min. DVD/BETA, 2012)

    Written & directed by: Menachem Roth
    Produced by: Ron Ofer – Ron Ofer Films
    Sponsored by: The Makor Foundation, The Gesher Foundation & The Second Authority for Radio & TV, Israel
    Languages: Yiddish and Hebrew with English subtitles

    a courageous self-portrait, where the camera becomes a weapon of entrapment as well as an instrument of redemption in the painful chain of sexual abuse.

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