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  1. Fantastisch


    (Doc. 64 min. HDCam/DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Ofra Sarel-Koren
    Produced by: Yahaly Gat - Muse Productions
    Sponsored by: the New Foundation for Cinema & TV, The Second Authority of TV & Radio
    Language: Hebrew and German with English subtitles

    100 year old Shmulik Lesched is living proof that the secret to a long life is vivid colors, happy music and making others smile.

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  2. The Israeli Code

    The Israeli Code

    (Doc. 50 min, DVD, 2013)

    Directed by: Ayelet Dekel
    Written: with Alex Levac, Prof. Gad Yair
    Produced by: Hagit Segal
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8
    Languages: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A journey into the Israeli public sphere where sociologist Gad Yair and photojournalist Alex Levac join in to try and understand some of the DNA of Israeli society.

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  3. Choose to Fight

    Choose to Fight

    (Doc 51 min, DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Itay Livne
    Produced by: Itay Livne – FilmsForAChange
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 2
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    An extraordinary childhood of rigorous training entangled by complex family relationships in the ring that is shadowed by the weight of the past.

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  4. Leibowitz: Faith, Country and Man

    Leibowitz: Faith, Country and Man

    (Doc., Mini Series 60 min x 3, DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Uri Rosenwaks & Rinat Klein
    Produced by: Haim Slutzky & Dana Cohen – Dana Productions
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, AviChai Foundation & Rabinovich Foundation for Cinema
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    Raging prophet, iconoclastic philosopher, scientist a social critic  - and an Orthodox Jew, Yeshayahu Leibowitz confronted Israeli society with both moral and social courage - his words are still alive, provocative and ever-so relevant to the fate of Israel.

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  5. poster

    My Herzl

    (Doc 52 min. miniDV/DVD, 2013)

    Written & Directed by: Eli Tal-El
    Produced by: Tal-El Productions & Willit Productions, Canada
    Language: Hebrew and English
    Subtitles: English, German and Spanish

    An intimate and unexpected documentary about the private life of Theodor Herzl. An unconventional documentary which is also a personal look at the man who inspired so many – and his legacy which is still under debate.

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  6. Violetta Ma Vida

    Violetta Ma Vida

    (Documentary, 50min, DVD, 2012, HD, color)

    Written and Directed by: Or Sinai
    Production: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS)
    Language: Hebrew and Spanish with English subtitles

    12 year old Violeta has a rare bone disease. But despite the hardships she and her mother Debora face, they are determined to have the best bat mitzvah celebration they can.

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  7. Pursued


    (Doc. 51 and 60 min. DVD/BETA, 2012)

    Written & directed by: Menachem Roth
    Produced by: Ron Ofer – Ron Ofer Films
    Sponsored by: The Makor Foundation, The Gesher Foundation & The Second Authority for Radio & TV, Israel
    Languages: Yiddish and Hebrew with English subtitles

    a courageous self-portrait, where the camera becomes a weapon of entrapment as well as an instrument of redemption in the painful chain of sexual abuse.

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  8. All Happy Mornings

    All Happy Mornings

    (Doc. 60 min. miniDV/DVD, 2013)

    Written and Directed by: Omer Yefman
    Produced by: Ari Davidovich – Hypermedia Films
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, MAKOR Foundation
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A personal journey into bisexual life. While documenting his relationship with Chen, a rising rock star and facing the pressure all around him, the filmmaker tries to find a way to feel complete without having to explain - and without feeling guilty.

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  9. Special Interview

    Special Interview

    (Doc, 55 min. HDCam/DVD, 2012)

    Written and Directed by: Nitzan Rozenberg
    Produced by: SHALVA – Asaf Finkelstein and in association with Ynet
    Language: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

    Two young people with disabilities become star reporters in this uplifting documentary. They have interviewed many well-known personalities but their dream is to interview President Barak Obama. A journey where they pursue their dream and allow us a peek into their unique world.

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