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  1. My Home

    My Home

    (Doc., 52 min, DVD, 2016 HD - New Release)

    Written & Directed by: Igal Hecht
    Produced by: Igal Hecht - Chutzpa Productions
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles

    Stories of individuals within various minority groups in Israel who feel connected, and who see their future in Israel.

    DVD Release Date: 01 August 2016
  2. The Jerusalem Dream

    The Jerusalem Dream

    (Doc. 54 min. HD, DVD, 2016 - New Release)

    Written & Directed by: Meni Elias
    Produced by: Micha Shagrir & Meni Elias
    Supported by: The New Fund for Israeli TV & Cinema, the Second Authority for TV and the Israeli Lottery Foundation
    Language: Amharic, Tigrinya and Hebrew with English subtitles

    A first-time recounting of the improbable journey Ethiopian Jews undertook in order to reach their Jerusalem dream.

    DVD Release Date: 01 August 2016
  3. Gezoindelach


    (Doc 28 min. HD, DVD, 2015 - New Release)

    Written and Directed by: Efrat Berger
    Supported by: YES Docu, Gesher Multicultural Foundation, The Jerusalem Film Fund
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    The challenges of breaking free from a closed society and touchingly brought to life in this documentary where “the cord” is literally cut.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  4. My Beloved Uncles

    My Beloved Uncles

    (Doc. 72 min, DVD, 2015, HD - New Release)

    Written, Directed & Produced by: Eran Barak
    Sponsored by: Yes Docu, Rabinovich Fund Cinema Project, Gesher Film Fund, Ostrovsky Family Fund
    Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A look at those who remained in the neighborhood, and were left to suffer the pain of non-integration into Israeli society. This is also a poetic quest for a long-vanished uncle that ends up inspiring questions of identity, fate, dreams and hopes.

    DVD Release Date: 01 April 2016
  5. Jerusalem Boxing Club

    Jerusalem Boxing Club

    (Doc.71 min, DVD, 2015 HD - New Release)

    Written and Directed by: Helen Yanovsky
    Produced by: Helen Yanovsky, Shalom Goodman, Nizan Ophir - Rail Road Films
    Sponsored by: Rabinovich Film Fund - Cinema Project, Channel 8, Alex Bernstein Grant, The Aliza Shagrir Prize, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
    Language: Hebrew, Arabic and Russian with English subtitles

    Operating out of a bomb shelter in south Jerusalem, this boxing club is a microcosm of trouble and hope.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

    To purchase the entire series - For Home Use Only :

  7. Village of Peace

    Village of Peace

    (Doc. 64 min., DVD, 2014, HD)

    Written and Directed by: Ben Schuder and Niko Philipides
    Produced by: Ben Schuder, Sam Schuder, Niko Philipides
    Executive Producer: Amar’e Stoudemire
    Language: English and Hebrew

    This beautifully shot documentary offer a rare glimpse into the unique community of the African-Hebrew Israelites.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  8. The Unwelcoming

    The Unwelcoming

    (Doc. 73 min. HD/DVD, 2014)

    Written & Directed by: Robby Elmaliah
    Produced by: Ruthie Shatz & Adi Barash – Yulari Films & Fig Films
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, Makor Foundation, Mifal HaPayis
    Language: Hebrew and Tunisian Arabic with English subtitles

    Tensions arise between the wider community and within the Uzan family, who have recently immigrated to Israel from Tunisa.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

  9. Footsteps in Jerusalem

    Footsteps in Jerusalem

    (Doc. 90 min, DVD, 2013)

    Conceived by: Renen Schorr
    Artistic Advisors: Yael Perlov, Dan Geva
    Directed by: David Perlov, Dan Geva, David Ofek, Nadav Lapid, Benjamin Freidenberg, Moran Ifergan, Yarden Karmin, Amichai Chasson and Elad Schwartz, Boaz Frankel and Yair Agmon, Nayef Hammoud and Yotam Kislev
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 8, The New Fund for Cinema and Television, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund
    Subtitles: Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

    A tribute to David Perlov, the forefather of modern Israeli documentary cinema and to his 1963 revolutionary film In Jerusalem.

    DVD - For Home Use Only :

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