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  1. Shapira & I

    Shapira & I

    (Doc., 57 min, DVD, 2014)

    Written & Directed by: Yoram Sabo
    Produced by: Yoram Sabo
    Sponsored by: The Second Authority for Television, the Gesher Foundation, the AviChai Foundation, Marc Rich Foundation
    Language: Hebrew and English with English subtitles

    An obsessive filmmaker hot on the tracks of one of the most fascinating enigmas of modern scholarship. A tale of forgery and discovery that spans years and locations.



  2. Lea Koenig's Loves

    Lea Koenig's Loves

    (Doc. 62 min. DVD/DVCam, 2012)

    Produced and Directed by: Tali Ohaion, Talia Inspiration Ltd.
    Sponsored by: IBA Channel One
    Subtitles: Hebrew and Yiddish with English subtitles

    The great Israeli actress Lea Koenig is presented here as she tells the story of the two great loves of her life – the theater and her husband, director and actor, Zvi Shtopler and the blurred borders between reality and the stage.

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    (Doc., 53 min., DVD/DVCAM, 2011)

    Written & Directed by: Sagi Bornstein
    Produced by: Sagi Bornstein – Bosa Productions
    Co-Produced by: Christian Drewing - EIKON Südwest GmbH

    The fate of Kafka's invaluable writings. This film is a detective story; an adventure that crosses geographical boundaries as well as cultural and chronological ones; an exploration beginning early in the 20th century, and continuing to this day.

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  4. Iraq N' Roll

    Iraq N' Roll

    (Doc, 52 min. miniDV/DVD, 2011)

    Written and Directed by: Gili Gaon
    Produced by: Dani Haimovich - Station Films Ltd.
    Sponsored by: Israel Channel 2, Gesher Foundation, Avi Chai Foundation
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles

    In an attempt to bridge time, space and culture, Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassa takes on the original music of his grandfather who was one of the leading musicians in the early 20th century in Iraq. A grandson and the weight of history – a story about the power of music and its ability to heal a family’s pain.

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  6. Revolution 101

    Revolution 101

    (Doc., 85 min., 2010, DVD/Digibeta, Color)

    Written by: Yossi Madmoni, Ari Folman, Ori Inbar, Doron Tsabari
    Directed by: Doron Tsabari
    Produced by: Ori Inbar - Guerrilla Films
    Sponsored by: Israel Film Fund, Keshet - Channel 2 Israel & Yes Doc-Israel
    Language: Hebrew with English / French subtitles

    The film that started it all. Both an inspiration and a facilitator for the current social movement taking hold in Israel, this film is outlines the path to change. Not only a guide to the revolution - but a film about film and the power to change.

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  7. Wandering Eyes

    Wandering Eyes

    (doc, 55 min. BETA/DVD 2010)

    Directed by: Ofir Trainin
    Produced by: Shahar Ben-Hur
    Sponsored by: Keshet Channel 2 Israel & the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television

     The musical and soul-searching journey of a musician, who is also a former orthodox Jew, and who was recently diagnosed with manic depression

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  8. Writing as I Should

    Writing as I Should

    (doc., 48 min., Digibeta/DVD, Color, 2010)

    Shooting Director: Lena Chaplin
    Editing Director: Pony Brzezinski
    Editing: Benjamin Freidenberg
    Sponsored by: Channel 8-Israel
    language: Hebrew with English subtitles

    A patchwork of interviews with acclaimed late author and critic Batya Gur. An intimate a beautiful tribute to a unique literary voice.



  9. Sayed Kashua- Forever Scared

    Sayed Kashua- Forever Scared

    (Doc., 52 Min., DVD/MiniDV, color, 2009)

    Written and Directed by: Dorit Zimbalist
    Produced by: Barak Heymann & Dorit Zimbalist
    Language: Hebrew & Arabic with English \ spanish \ French subtitles

    Sayed Kashua always feels he doesn't belong. The Jews don't like him because he's an Arab. The Arabs don't like him because he's successful. The Arabs think he's a collaborator. The Jews think he's a drunk. He is always viewed as "the Other", and he's always scared.

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